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I prefer you fill out the Challenge group application first so we can both get really clear on your goals and make sure I’m the right person to help you achieve them. This doesn’t cost a thing and there’s no obligation to purchase a thing when you fill out the app. Give as much or as little information as you’re comfortable with.

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Sign up for the challenge on my coach page, or simply dip your toe into the water with a free trial of our streaming workout programs.

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Blackbird Oracle ~ AK

Hi All!  My mission for Blackbird Oracle is to bring the power of Tarot, as an alternative,ancient approach to modern therapy/counseling, mainstream.  As an Intuitive Empath Healer, I use the tarot to clarify energy that I am reading and downloading through my psychic abilities.  Each session is incredibly powerful, accurate and offers guidance to living your most fulfilled life.  I would love to share the amazing power of  my gifts and tarot with you!!  For more information, pricing, and/or to set up a session, e-mail me at: or

You can also find me on Instagram/ IGTV and YouTube at Blackbird Oracle:)